Your transformation journey to more lightness and joy of life.

Essence | Lightness | Vitality | Light

Your transformation journey to more lightness and joy of life.

Essence | Lightness | Vitality | Light

My Program – Your transformation journey

My 13 week program is an intensive transformational journey to create MORE EASE and JOY IN YOUR LIFE. You get clarity about what you really want and why you want it. I lead you through the process of returning to your true self. You start immediately with the implementation to live your new reality. As I walk you through this journey, you will experience the joy of achieving not only internal but also external success.

1. Module:
Your Essence

At the beginning we create a clear self-image as a stable foundation to realign your life full of power in your true essence.

2. Module:
Your Purpose

Together we define and anchor your purpose so that you can walk your heart’s path with determination.

3. Module:
Your Future

A gap analysis helps you to truly recognize your status quo. This allows you to define your new future in the third module.

4. Module:

Here we create precise measures to realize your new future.

5. Module:
Your Success

You take action with ease. Try out new things and change habits by taking small, clear steps.

2 to 4 online sessions per module with exercises and tasks.

+ 1 energy box individually tailored to you and your topics, which will accompany you on your transformation journey and make it easier and more beautiful for you to implement.

+ I accompany you via WhatsApp or Telegram and I am always there for you during the program.

+ You regularly receive impulses and messages that I receive for you. These will help you to walk resolutely for your dreams.

[ Note: My offer does not constitute psychotherapy. More about this in my Terms and Conditions. ]

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Hi, I am Tania Maldonado.

I was born in Mexico and have lived in Germany for almost 20 years. After my studies with a double degree in International Business Administration, I worked for 15 years in multiple positions for Siemens, considered the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.

In 2022, I followed my inner calling to freedom, my life purpose and self-empowerment and founded my own company. I now live my passion as a mentor in the field of personal development and help people to take the path to joy, lightness and fulfillment with determination.

I love to accompany people in transformation processes to discover and live their highest potential.

Your life is a gift and it is your decision to live it with joy, ease and in the here and now. Go bravely for your dreams, because everything is possible.
Tania Maldonado

You long for more …






What characterizes my work

A collaboration with me is just right for you if …

… you have the feeling that your life could be much nicer and easier but you don’t know how.
… you feel neither purpose nor joy in your everyday life.
… you lack the courage, strength or motivation to take action.
… you want someone at your side who will bring you to your goals in a caring and focused way.
… you only focus your life on the weekend or the next vacation.
… you have the feeling that you have a different calling, but you don’t know what it is and how to find out.

My Guidance

The people I accompany feel joy and lightness again, live in the HERE and NOW and enjoy life.

They make the decision for themselves and to follow their heart’s path in order to experience a life of JOY and LIGHTNESS; to shine; to feel a sense of purpose, joy and motivation; to live their highest potential, to accept themselves and to be authentic.

They use their blockages, fears and shadow issues as a path to FREEDOM and LIFE by accepting them, letting them be, transforming them and ultimately freeing them.

What my customers say about me

I had been stuck for years! Since you have been with me, I feel the joy of life again and finally have the motivation to change things in a positive way to finally be happy.

Through your guidance, I was able to see my talents again and found the courage to go for my goals and dreams. After so many years of “doing nothing”, I finally got into action and decided to start my own business!

Your energy is so brilliant, I think about your impulses every time and put a lot of things into practice. I see results immediately and have been going through life much more easily since then.

For 12 years I have always felt depressed in January and fell into a hole. This year is different, thanks to your support I feel a renewed zest for life every day and can tackle the challenges of everyday life in a much more relaxed way. I have internalized that everything is for me and not against me!

Your support as a mentor opened up a completely new perspective for me. Now I know what I want to do professionally and finally have the courage and strength to put it into practice.

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